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* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knapsack_problem - Given a set of items, each with a weight and a value, determine the number of each item to include in a collection so that the total weight is less than a given limit and the total value is as large as possible.
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subset_sum_problem - given a set of integers, does the sum of some non-empty subset equal exactly zero? ... Subset sum can also be thought of as a special case of the knapsack problem
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Üks open-source projekt, EU poolt, kestab 5 aastat. TODO: uurida!
TODO: uurida ka: Italk - Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge in Robots - project. "individual and social learning".
Peter Voss, Founder, Adaptive A.I. Inc 
Futurist: What are some books or texts that influenced your thinking?
Voss: That's kind of hard to pin point because there's really a very broad spectrum of things that I read.  I studied lots of philosophies but one philosophy I got very involved with was objectivism. There's a lot of things I disagree with objectivism on, but there were some really important insights in terms of how important concept formation and context is and really a theory of knowledge that I got out of that on how knowledge needs to be acquired, integrated and represented and that it isn't just a closed, logical system. I couldn't really pin point one source of inspiration. I have a long list on my Web site.
Deaf babies "babble" with their hands as others normally do with voice, and spontaneously invent sign languages with true grammar rather than a crude "me Tarzan, you Jane" pointing system. - Tekib seos S. Kelso dünaamiliste süsteemide raamatuga.
* Intelligentsuse definitsioonid:
* http://roland.pri.ee/irc_logs/##sl4 - 2008-12-06.txt - EURISKO building heuristics; nomics (systems of rules that allow themselves to be changed); voting and consensus

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